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www.hotmail.com – Hotmail Sign in , MSN hotmail.com email login – We understand Hotmail to the space or section within the mail service in which we find all the email sent to us, Microsoft has recently redesigned the service interface and one of the most benefited sections has been the inbox of Hotmail , the change has been substantial and not only implies aesthetic improvements but also functional, this change arose as a result of the launch of the new mail service based on the Microsoft website: Outlook.com


The Hotmail Inbox , now is not only cleaner and more practical, but also includes options from the simplest to the most advanced, so that it can be used to the maximum by users with basic needs and by more demanding users with specific needs. example there are users who like to have their Hotmail inbox perfectly ordered and on the other hand there are those who like to have the messy tray, with incoming emails accumulated as they arrive.

One of the biggest threats facing the Hotmail Inbox is undoubtedly spam or unwanted incoming mail, often for advertising purposes and sometimes even containing viruses that can put our computer’s security at risk, Hotmail is using now SmartScreen technology that has been successfully tested in the corporate and business world and has achieved, according to Microsoft, that the spam that tries to enter our Hotmail Inbox, is blocked even in a 98%, this is a phenomenal success rate that only confirms the great improvement that Hotmail has experienced in recent times.

It may be the case that a very important or highly relevant message arrives in our Hotmail Inbox and after that other less important messages arrive and move it to such an extent that it goes unnoticed, fortunately we can avoid this by marking this message as important, so that it is positioned at the top of our Hotmail inbox until we decide what to do with it.

We can also organize our Hotmail inbox conveniently with the option called “Clean” , so we can move the message or messages of a company or person of importance to a folder outside the inbox, to perform this procedure only just select the message, then click on Clear (top, in the toolbar), and then select “Move all of …”, in the next screen we select the folder to which we want to move all messages from that sender . If we want it we can also activate the option “Move future messages” so that all the messages that arrive from said sender, will be moved automatically from our Hotmail Inbox to the specified folder.

We can also use Clean to remove messages from unwanted senders that were once of interest to us but now only fill our Hotmail inbox, for this we select the message as in the previous case, then click on Clear but this time we select “Delete Everything from …” , with this we will keep our inbox clean and tidy , as in the previous case, we can specify that this action be done with the future messages of this sender.

It is very important to keep our Hotmail Inbox tidyso that we can easily and quickly find the really important emails, for this we can use the Folders system, to create a new folder we access the left panel of our inbox and click on New folder, then we must specify the name of the new created folder, if we want to change the name to a folder already created, delete it, or empty its contents we just have to click on it with the secondary button and choose the desired option, with these simple steps we can keep clean and tidy our Hotmail Inbox. Finally to move a message to one of our folders just click on it and drag it to the desired folder

In this article we will find the following points about the Hotmail inbox:

  • How to access mail and the tray
  • Screenshots of the Hotmail inbox
  • The most typical problems when entering hotmail
  • Use the messenger from your inbox
  • How to use Hotmail Active Views
  • How to order Hotmail emails
  • How to keep our mail clean from spam
  • Organize the inbox

But let’s start at the beginning:


To access the Hotmail inbox, we should first have a Hotmail account, which I imagine if you have reached this section is because you have some. If you do not have a Hotmail email account you can always follow this tutorial to Register in Hotmail

Once we have a Hotmail account, what we want is to log in to Hotmail, to access our inbox and see all the emails. To log in, we must only access www.hotmail.com or www.hotmail.es and enter our username (email @ hotmail.com) and password. If you have questions about how to access Hotmail, here is a tutorial to start a Hotmail session with photos and all the steps.


Hotmail.com Sign in

When opening the Inbox of Hotmail is as simple as logging into Hotmail and this can have a series of problems that we have already discussed in previous articles and that you can see in the Hotmail Errors section .

One of the problems that can arise to enter the Hotmail Inbox, is to have an outdated browser, if we do not update our browser, some of the new features of the Hotmail Inbox might give problems.

Another of the most common problems that are not able to enter the Inbox or sign in Hotmail.com is to block cookies in our browser. We should only go to our browser and accept the use of cookies so that we can log in to Hotmail.com and enter the Hotmail inbox without problems.

Another problem that may arise when wanting to see the inbox is that the same browser may be blocking Hotmail cookies where the account is prevented from running normally.
The solution would be to go to the menu of tools of the navigator and in the options to enable the use of cookies so that the start in Hotmail as the access to the inbox does not present problems.

Enable Cookies to access the hotmail inbox

At other times, just restart the browser, you get the solution or update the page because it probably did not load the site well because of a temporary server problem.
One way to update the browser is to press the F5 function key on the keyboard.

Sometimes we can have problems but these can be solved as simple as restarting the browser and re-entering or re-updating the page, since it has not loaded any necessary components to load the Inbox Hotmail .

See the Inbox on Hotmail.com (Trick)

One of the latest updates of Hotmail, is the incorporation of social networks and when you log in to our Hotmail account, the first thing that we find on the screen after the start are the updates of our friends or contacts on their social networks.

Surely many have wanted to go directly to the Inbox, once we log in. You can see how to do this trick for Hotmail on the following page, where we explain the steps to take: View the inbox when you log in



With the latest Hotmail updates, the guys from Microsoft have thought of making our lives easier and no longer need to have Messenger installed on our computer to be able to chat with all our contacts. From now on we can use the messenger from the Inbox and without installing anything.

If you want to know how to Log in to Messenger from the Inbox click on the following link: Chat with your contacts from your Hotmail inbox

Still if you have problems and do not understand the tutorial here we leave you a video so you can better understand how to do it.

Chat from Hotmail without needing the messenger

The service from the Windows Live Messenger program may have problems, so that’s why you can not communicate with your friends anymore? Not so, because by logging into Windows Live Hotmail you can connect with your friends through the chat that is there.

The steps to follow are those:

You start session in your Hotmail account, and then you go to the Messenger section,  this is in the lower left part of your screen as we will show you in the following image:

Hotmail messenger from the Inbox

You click on Log in to Messenger and wait for it to be configured and open as you must upload your contacts to show them

messenger hotmail

Finally to be able to speak with a friend you must double click on it, you will see that a window opens down on the right side of your screen.

window messenger hotmail

As in Messenger you can send emoticons to your contact, you must click on the smiley emoticon and then choose the one you like the most.

emoticons messenger in hotmail inbox tray

We also tell you that if you click on the icon that we highlight, a pop-up window will open so you can chat with your friends more comfortably, as we show you in the image.

hotmail.com loign

hotmail.com loign You imagine that you could have your inbox always neat and clean at the touch of a button. This is what people who work daily with emails would like. Since these people get more than a hundred emails a day and do not have time to sort your inbox and luckily we have the option to search, because otherwise we would not know where there is anything.

This is going to change because Microsoft has launched in its latest Hotmail update the so-called Clean , it’s a simple button that Hotmail itself will not order the Inbox to have it as clean and tidy as possible. If you want to know how to do this trick, look at the following article: Use the Clean tool to have the Inbox sorted


Among the latest news that have added to the Hotmail team Windows Live we can find very curious things like:

Active Views in the www.Hotmail.com Inbox

Hotmail Active Views is a Hotmail technology that allows us to see a video sent to us through a link or a file without having to go to another page to view it, but it will be opened directly from the Hotmail inbox.

We recommend that you watch the following video to get an idea of ​​the potential of the new Hotmail and you will see how quickly you want to use it.

And finally we can highlight something very important that we can discover in our inbox, of course there are many more things and videos that you can see in the Windows Live YouTube channel , but first do not forget to see how we can create Word documents , excel or Powerpoint from your own hotmail inbox, with a few simple steps.

We hope you liked this complete tutorial and you know if you want to know more you can use the search engine of the web to search on a topic and you will see all the things you find about hotmail. And if you liked this tutorial or article we ask you to share it with your friends from social networks, you would do us a great favor.

How to sort the Hotmail Inbox

If a user wishes to establish a certain order among all the email messages that are accumulated in his Inbox , the new Hotmail offers the possibility of grouping them by senders in different folders. This is achieved:

  • Selecting the email by clicking on the box that appears to the left of the sender.
  • Clicking on the Clean option located at the top of the list of received emails. Once inside choose Move all of and select the folder in which you want to place the message.

In this way, all emails with the same sender address will be saved in the same folder, with the possibility of indicating that the future messages of that sender are saved in their corresponding folder automatically.

Configure so that when you open hotmail Inbox

The inbox refers to a place or sector within the Windows Live Hotmail account wherewhere the emails that are received from contacts or from third parties that write to our account are stored.

It is a folder or a predetermined location for the reception of the mails that enter the account, unless it is determined otherwise, that is to say that it is redirected to another folder of the account or that they are considered as unwanted mails by the user.

In some mail services can be found under the name of ENTRY TRAY , MAIL RECEIVED, ENTRY ELEMENTS, ENTRY BOX, INBOX, among others. Your name will be conditioned by the mail service used or the adopted mail client.

The emails received by default are sorted in order of arrival but there is also the possibility to change the reception preferences and configure it in another way, such as by subject, by sender, by priority, among other concepts.

If you want that when you log in to your Windows Live Hotmail V account in the inbox when you log in , you omit the home page and direct you to the inbox you must perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your Windows Live Hotmail account
  2. Click on the name of your account that is in the upper right sector of the page
  3. There, select OPTIONS
  4. Then click on the MAIL section found in the left menu of the page.
  7. Finally click on the SAVE button.

To see an animated example of how to change the appearance of the account, enter here.

Keep our Inbox always clean

Hotmail gives you all the necessary tools to optimize the use of your Windows Live Hotmail and in this way, enjoy an email service that strives for it is increasingly useful and effective to organize your mails and daily work.

To be able to take advantage of all these tools implemented by Windows Live Hotmail, you should only internalize a bit in them and you will see the great utility of them.

It has surely happened to you that when you log in to your Windows Live Hotmail account and go to your inbox, it is full of messages, many of which are not even of your interest. This is due to the large amount of spam mail (or junk mail ), newsletters, social network messages, and the famous chains of mails that circulate on the network every day.

To avoid this, the new version of Windows Live Hotmail , incorporates the option that has been called “clean”, because thanks to it you can always keep clean the inbox of your email Hotmail .

The steps you must follow are the following:

  1. Log in Windows Live Hotmail as you usually do.
  2. In your inbox , select the mails of those senders that you want to get rid of.
  3. Go to the ” Clean ” menu . There you will see that you will be offered 4 different options among which you can choose.


    Clean hotmail inbox

By choosing the option the dialog box will ask you about whether you are sure to delete the messages from the selected senders, and will give you the option to also block future messages from them.

The most used option by Windows Live Hotmail users who want to keep the input banner of their Hotmail e-mail clean , is to ” Remove all ”

Finally, returning to your input tray you will see that the emails of such selected senders, have been removed from it. Leaving in this way space so you can easily observe the emails that do interest you.

If you have selected a sender by mistake or have changed your mind, do not worry, there is a solution for this:

  • Go to the ” Options ” menu of Windows Hotmail .
  • From among the different options, choose ” Avoid unwanted email “.
  • In the dialog box that appears, choose ” Safe and blocked senders “.

To complete the process, choose ” Blocked senders ” and, there, you can find the sender you have chosen by mistake and can select it and remove it from the blocked list.

Organize our Hotmail email from the Inbox

One of the most interesting features offered by Windows Live Mail to its users is the ability to organize more effectively the inbox, in order to better organize the emails of our contacts and friends, and leave the mail unwanted, thus having our inbox spam-free. It is only necessary to register in Hotmail in Spanish to be able to access these useful functions, comparable to those of the best mail managers used most commonly.

In the first place, messages can be organized by sender, subject, size or conversation. This is extremely useful when we want to search for a particular email from a specific sender, saving a lot of time without having to go through the inbox in its entirety. Also, the Hotmail inbox allows us to select which messages we want to see: all, the unread or only the contacts. We can also access by clicking on the link to the social updates of our contacts, as well as the messages of our groups. The navigation side bar on the left can change in its width, only manually running the edge.

It is also possible to mark messages that accidentally arrive in our spam folder as desired mail, or, if we consider it suspicious, to report it as phishing (identity theft). This type of fraudulent emails appear to be from a recognized sender, when in fact they contain viruses or scams. The clean button allows us with a single click to move all emails from the same sender to a folder, or delete them. We can also empty a folder, or mark it as read, through the use of this useful feature, a benefit that we achieve with just registering in Hotmail in Spanish .

One of the most interesting benefits obtained when registering in Hotmail in Spanish Isis the possibility of obtaining one of the most powerful free mail managers in the market. Its power is based, not only in the almost unlimited space of storage -25 gbs is a lot of space available to store your emails, but also in the wide range of options available to users to organize their inbox.

One of the most useful functions is to be able to grant categories to messages. The way to operate with the categories is very simple: we display the list of available categories by clicking on Categories in the menu bar on the search box of the inbox. Here we will find 10 categories that come by default: Social Updates, Bulletins, Purchases, Office Documents, Invoices, Family, Photos, Groups, Important and Travel. But, if we feel that some relevant category is missing, we can create it by clicking on the New Category link, at the bottom of the list. We can also manage the categories in an advanced manner.

Hotmail Messaging Categories

Click on Manage Categories and we will access a new screen. From here we can create the desired categories, just by writing this new label in the box for that purpose, and doing Enter. On the right lateral end we will find a cross that will allow us to eliminate the created categories.

Also from this same screen, we can choose that all the messages show the category to which they belong, in the same inbox, adding the corresponding column.

Manage categories in the hotmail tray

From the navigation bar that is just above the inbox we can see the shortcuts to the different message groups belonging to each category, for example, Social Updates. In this way, by clicking on this link, our tray will only show us the messages belonging to this particular category.


  • Clean the Hotmail.com inbox

I do not know about you, but my old Hotmail email address has become a huge junk mail in recent years. Use my Hotmail login to access certain Microsoft features, but it allows my Hotmail email to fall by the wayside. The result was a Hotmail inbox filled with over 7,000 unwanted emails. I would like to use my Hotmail email account, but how to clean all the old emails?

Fortunately, the good people of Microsoft devised a very useful solution – Hotmail swept! I was able to use the Hotmail sweep feature to clean my inbox and delete 7,205 spam messages with just a couple of clicks. Here is how to do it:

  1. Log in to your Hotmail account.
  2. Access your Hotmail inbox.
  3. In the Hotmail message control bar, find the option “Sweep” and left click.
  4. Go to “Folder is empty” and left click. Hotmail sweep
  5. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to empty all the messages in your folder. Click on the “Yes” button to confirm that you want to delete all messages in your Hotmail inbox. Hotmail swept yes
  6. That is all! You have only deleted all the messages in your Hotmail inbox. Now, the work will be to keep it clean. Hotmail’s sweep feature is a good way to start over. And access our Hotmail Inbox in a clean way

How to sort the Hotmail Inbox

If a user wishes to establish a certain order among all the email messages that are accumulated in his Inbox , the new Hotmail offers the possibility of grouping them by senders in different folders. This is achieved:

  • Selecting the email by clicking on the box that appears to the left of the sender.
  • Clicking on the Clean option located at the top of the list of received emails. Once inside choose Move all of and select the folder in which you want to place the message.

In this way, all emails with the same sender address will be saved in the same folder, with the possibility of indicating that the future messages of that sender are saved in their corresponding folder automatically.

How to make Hotmail.com Start:

When we type in the Hotmail address in the address bar of our browser, the initial Hotmail page will appear where the user’s account data should be loaded, that is, the user’s name and password.

In case our account is not the one that appears by default we must click on the link that says START SESSION WITH A DIFFERENT WINDOWS LIVE.

Errors when starting the Hotmail email account:

1. If, when trying to log in, the following message is displayed: WINDOWS LIVE INCORRECT ID must be verified if the username entered is correct. Remember that the ID is the complete email address.

2. Incorrect password: you must verify that the password is correct. Remember that the shift key must be disabled because the system only admits that it is entered with lowercase letters.

3. Temporary files and cookies: It is likely that files of this type are causing an error when logging into the account.

4. Account closed or blocked: it may happen that the account is closed or blocked. These cases happen if the account has not been used in a certain time, or if there has been a breach of any Hotmail system rules. In most cases it is solvable but in others not so much, we recommend reading this article where the information is expanded. How to unblock a Hotmail account

How to Hotmail sign up

Hotmail has millions of users in the world and its number does not stop growing day by day, this is not surprising at all, Hotmail is the best-known email service and the first to offer a mail messaging system based entirely on the web and professional level, that’s why we invite you to tell you that you have to register Hotmail .

The first thing to register in Hotmail is to visit the Hotmail site that can be found by going to our browser and writing in the url: www.hotmail.com .

Once in the Hotmail site, registering is very simple, on the right side of the screen and below the authentication fields for registered users ( Hotmail start ) there is a link whose sentence says: ” Do not have a Microsoft account? Register now “pay special attention to the phrase, it does not speak of an account for Hotmail but of a Microsoft account, this is so with this account we can access several Microsoft services in addition to Hotmail, for example its instant messaging service and the Cloud hosting service “Skydrive” or for services related to the Xbox 360 console (Xbox Live).

In the following form of Hotmail registering is simple, we must first fill in our first and last name, it is not necessary to be real but if we are going to use our email account corporately, for business or to get a job, it is a good idea to use our real name, a common mistake of many users is to name funny, humorous or comic characters, that’s fine for family or amical use, but it’s a terrible idea if we are going to use our mail for serious purposes.

Hotmail registration page, where we will have to fill it out to get our account @hotmail

The next field that we must complete in the process of registering in Hotmail is that of our date of birth, specifying first the day, and then the month and the year, then we must specify the sex, although if we prefer it we can leave the latter unspecified field
The next field is the most important; we must choose the name of our email account, again recommend the same as for the choice of our names, if we are going to give a serious use we must choose a serious account name, we can not choose “Bambi” or “Simpsons” if we are looking for work, the chosen name should be easy to remember so that our contacts can address us by appealing to the memory, in this sense it is recommended to use combinations of known words and numbers of no more than three digits, also they can use combinations of syllables of our names and surnames, in this way those who know us by name can remember our mail appealing to the deduction if the memory fails.
The Hotmail form to register continues with a field that allows us to choose the domain, this can be Hotmail.es, Hotmail.com or Live.com , all these domains are owned by Microsoft and there is no functional difference between them, without However it is convenient to choose Hotmail.com because this name is fixed in the memory of most people and they will hardly make a mistake. Remember that if we are young and then when we grow up we have to provide an email address to send resumes, it would not be very good to call us pepitopalotes or elmasguapodeamerica

As you will appreciate, it is not complicated or difficult in the form of Hotmail to registerto access an email account, the next step is to choose a password, this password must be complex enough so that it is not easily guessed, but must also have some sense for us, since there are many cases in which users after stopping using their email account for a while, end up forgetting their password and therefore it is impossible for these Hotmail users to log in. A suitable password should ideally have capital letters, numbers and if possible include symbols such as arrobas, dashes or punctuation marks. The password must be written twice during the registration process, this guarantees that we will not make a typographical error in this especially important step.

Register in hotmail with a username and put a secure password to prevent us from stealing the account.

In the Hotmail format, registering is a process that takes 5 minutes or a little longer , the next part is destined to recover our access to Hotmail if we lose or forget our password, in it we must record our phone number, the that must have the prefix of the country and the region, the prefix of the country can be chosen from a convenient drop-down menu, so it is not necessary that we have it memorized.

We can also specify an alternative email address where we will be notified of the procedures, steps or processes that we must follow in case we can not access our Hotmail email, so we must pay attention to specify this “safeguard” email. correct form and without errors. There are many users who after registering and spending years with the hotmail email account, have lost the account for not having an alternative email or have not put their phone in order. It is true that Hotmail is telling us from time to time that these data should be correct in case we lose the account some day, and although now we are not interested in thinking of a day when we have thousands of emails stored with customer information and we steal the mail and we can not get it back for a nonsense like this,

The alternative email account maybe if Hotmail is the only email that we do not be so important, but as time goes by you will see how we will have email account in several sites. In these cases I recommend that you put your parent’s email account because you can always retrieve it since they will not change your email. Do not put the mail of a couple as this can last for a lifetime or very little and sometimes can play tricks like take our mail and use it against us. What I tell you is not because I invented it, but I am a person who has been giving support for many years and I know hundreds of cases of people who have stolen your mail account your partner to do bad things, and well with this we follow the tutorial .

Another security measure that Hotmail implements for its registration process is the secret question or security question, it is a drop-down menu where we must choose the question that helps us the most, within a group of questions among which there is example, the birthplace of the mother, the best childhood friend, the name of the first pet, the occupation of the grandfather, etc.
The next step that presents the format of Hotmail to register is the specification of our country and our zip code, finally you have to enter a security code or captcha code that fulfills the function of preventing Hotmail from registeringautomated programs created for the purpose of advertising spam, this code consists of a word or phrase with letters slightly – or quite in some cases – deformed, which are recognizable by human beings but hardly by programs or software, in case we have difficulties in its visual recognition we can appeal to a link below the field, which emits a sound that we must recognize and enter.

In the final part, near the footer of the Hotmail form to register there is a box that is marked by default and that precedes the sentence: ” Send me Microsoft promotional offers by email (you can cancel the subscription at any time) . “If you do not mind receiving email from the Microsoft team, you can leave this box checked, otherwise you should uncheck it.

The last step involves clicking on the button I accept , previously it is advisable to read the Microsoft service agreement and the privacy and cookies declaration, since these texts contain some data that we must take into account and some guidelines that we must follow to that our email account remains operational and without mishap, one of the most frequent mistakes that is usually made is to use a free email account such as that offered by Hotmail to send mass mail for advertising purposes, this is considered as advertising spam and Hotmail can decide to close an account if you have evidence that it has been used for such purposes. It would never hurt to read us if we want what we are accepting when we created a Hotmail account: Microsoft services contract

If we have followed all the steps correctly, we will appreciate that in the short format of Hotmail, registering is something that can be done quite quickly and we can immediately, in this wonderful email service that Hotmail offers , to start using the great variety of functions that we will find, such as creating filters to avoid unwanted mail, massively deleting mail, labeling incoming and incoming mail, etc.
www.hotmail.com It was created from the beginning so that it can be used by any user without great knowledge about computing, its charm lies in its friendly interface, its advanced functions, and its robust security, since everything is encrypted with powerful algorithms and protected with antivirus technology. Last generation.

Now that we have registered in hotmail, we can enjoy all Windows Live services, as well as virtual hard disk (Skydrive) or email with almost unlimited capacity. As always in case one has been lost with some step we put an explanatory video with all the steps to follow to register in Hotmail.

Video explaining how Hotmail sign up

We hope this tutorial has been useful for you, you have been able to register in Hotmail and we remind you that if you liked it, share the link with all your friends and acquaintances, since you never know if any one may have problems and need to create or register in hotmail.

To register Hotmail in Spanish it is necessary to access the page of creation of a Microsoft account using the link that says ” Register now ” in the home page of Hotmail, this account allows us to access a series of services and benefits among which is of course, Hotmail, however we must bear in mind that Microsoft has announced that future Hotmail will be replaced by Outlook.com, although at the moment both services work in parallel. Registering in Hotmail in Spanish is very simple and as we have already mentioned we have other advantages because with the same account we can use services like OneDrive which is a free hosting with 7GB space, or Xbox Live, a service oriented mainly to the ecosystem of the popular game console.


The process of registering in Hotmail in Spanish involves filling out a form with some essential data, it is possible that at first sight it seems a somewhat cumbersome process with too many fields but we must pay special attention to fill these fields correctly because it depends on what we can recover our account if for some reason we lose it or its security is compromised, because Microsoft will use this data to confirm that we are the legitimate owners of the account, that is why when registering in Hotmail in Spanish, the user must use his real data, it is A necessary precautionary measure and the time invested can save us many headaches in the future.

When registering in Spanish in the Hotmail service, the user must begin by first specifying their first and last name, and then the date of birth and sex, we must emphasize the issue of accuracy, if we lose our account or is hacked, Microsoft will ask us among other things our date of birth, if we invented or incorrectly consigned it we will be in trouble to prove ourselves as legitimate users. Another frequent error that many users make when registering Hotmail in Spanish is choosing an impractical mail name, very complicated and difficult to remember, we must bear in mind that our email has the function of facilitating our friends, clients or colleagues to communicate with us, so we must choose an email name that makes sense and is also easy to remember.

The next step in the process of registering in Hotmail in Spanish is to choose the domain, Microsoft offers up to three, Hotmail.es, Hotmail.com and Live.com. This is at your discretion, but it is advisable to use Hotmail.com as it is the best-known domain and practically impossible to be wrong. When choosing our password we must be careful not to choose one that is easy to guess or intuit, it must have capital letters, numbers and even special characters, but it should not be so complicated that we forget it ourselves, which happens very often, especially when the user does not use his mail account regularly.

The next step is very critical and can help us a lot in the face of the unwanted eventuality of losing our account, by registering in Hotmail in Spanishthe user must enter a mobile phone number, an alternative email address or, failing that, a security question, many users falsify this information or do not give it the due seriousness and then regret it when they lose their accounts at the hands of cyber-criminals . Consigning our real mobile number has another additional advantage: it allows us to login with the “one-use code”, it is a code that Microsoft sends us via text message to our mobile and allows us to access our mail from unreliable sites As public computers in commercial premises or study centers, as you can see, Registering Hotmail in Spanish correctly may require some time, but it is time well invested as it guarantees the security of our future account.

Finally it is necessary to specify our country or region and our zip code, to finish the process of registering in Hotmail in Spanish it is necessary that we fill in a field with the security code or also called Captcha code that serves to block the massive registration of emails by part of spammers or users who want to register in Hotmail in Spanish to make an improper use of this good free email service.

Register Hotmail is a service that has endured with nobility over the years. From the very beginning of the internet, Hotmail has positioned itself as the number one web-based email. Born in 1996, the following year it was acquired by Microsoft, and, from that moment, it has become the most used mail in the world. Registering in Hotmailin Spanish is extremely simple. You just have to go to https://signup.live.com/signup.aspx?mkt=en-us&lic=1 , a page that actually works to create a Windows Mail account. The difference is that Windows Mail is a group of extremely complete free services that allow, among other things, to open an email account ( Hotmail).

 Hotmail Mail Capture



The features of the Hotmail service are truly remarkable. First, free users have a storage capacity of up to 5 gigabytes, while paid users enjoy a limit of 10 Gb.  Hotmail automatically scans attachments, to prevent the spread of viruses, allowing files of up to 25 mega size If the files you want to send are photographs, registering Hotmail in Spanish allows you to organize a presentation in the form of an album, to be able to share with our contacts. Voice messages or audio files are played through an integrated player.

In terms of customization, the possibilities of Hotmail are very broad. The user can arrange the panels, modify the views and choose the colors and themes that he likes the most. The reading panel is really clear, offering a preview when clicking on the desired message. As for the organization of our messages, Hotmail  Register in Spanish allows you to create folders, to store messages. The way the inbox looks is similar to other Microsoft products, such as Outlook, or Outlook Express, now replaced by Windows Live Mail.

Advantage of registering Hotmail in Spanish

When using Hotmail in Spanish, we can see all of Hotmail in our language, Spanish, the inconvenience is that most of the time the Hotmail improvements appear earlier in Hotmail.com than in Hotmail.es, but they always end up being translated into Spanish, since it is a universal language and it has to be used by more than 60 million people around the world.

For Microsoft Hotmail in Spanish is the second most important language, after English since it has a large market of Spanish speakers. You can now have a hotmail email account of type @ hotmail.es. What do you expect and register in Hotmail in Spanish?


Hotmail sign in

Hotmail login is one of the simplest tasks to perform to check our email Hotmailthat is most used in the world mainly due to its excellence and quality of service. Millions of people per day write on their computers the address www.hotmail.com to access their email account and check their messages or to access the chat in their own Hotmail email account .


 Steps to Login Hotmail

To start session Click Here


Hotmail main screen login

You can follow these simple steps to access your Hotmail email account:

  1. Access the Hotmail login page www.hotmail.com . You must check that in the url it puts Hotmail and it is not a copy that wants to impersonate the identity of hotmail
  2. We must enter our email address and our password on the right side.
  3. We will click a little lower in Login and our Inbox will appear.

I can not log in to my Hotmail account

If we do not manage to access the inbox, we will skip a message where it will tell us the reasons why we can not enter. Many times it is by not entering the email address correctly. We may have unwittingly activated the caps lock key and our password does not match, we’ll have to make sure. We will also have to check that we are on the Hotmail page: hotmail.com, outlook.com 

If we still can not log in Hotmail below the page we will find a link that says the following  Can not access your account?  If we click Hotmail it will show us a page with several options and we will mark which is our reason why we can not enter our Hotmail email.

We have the option of ” I have forgotten my password ” in this case Hotmail will allow us to send an SMS with a code or a link to the alternative email to recover the account.

Useful tips for when you log in:

  1. If we can not get into our Hotmail email, and we are sure that everything is correct, the service may have some problem, we should not try to enter many times in a row or our account will be blocked.
  2. We should remember if the last time we saw our mail was from a public site and if we closed the session.
  3. As we have already highlighted, we must verify that the password is correctly written. Hotmail distinguishes minuscules from minuscules
  4. We can enter the Status page of the Outlook / Hotmail server service   to check that it is online, often the service is not available for a few moments.
  5. We can try to log in from another device to rule out that ours has a problem.

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